About me

Hi, my name is Kurt Einhaus and I’m an artist and illustrator living in Beverly, Massachusetts.  I have been influenced by many artist in many different disciplines from comic books such as Jim Lee to fine artist such as Monet but one artist is my favorite and probably the biggest influence and that is N.C. Wyeth. From Robin Hood to Treasure Island, Wyeth could capture a feeling and a mood like no other artist. His understanding of color and brush technique draws the viewer in and captures you in a moment of blissful mindfulness. I thank my mother for the time she spent reading me Treasure Island and discovering the brilliance of Wyeth.

I mainly work in oils but I have befriended many others mediums. The pencil and simple paper can easily take me on a journey that seems like its only been a few minutes but hours have passed. The subjects I paint or draw range across different categories from wildlife, to landscapes and to figurative. Each of these categories I have trying to organize into a series, but as most artist understand the organization side is some times a struggle. I, like my art, is always a work in progress.

Seeing Through the Water…

My home is located on the north shore of Boston and I get inspired by the ocean everyday. It has a calming presence and its ability to make you feel small is forever apparent but it’s energy and power creates such inspiration that it’s hard not to have a subject that develops from its immense force. It commands your attention… especially when your on a paddle-board. Water is cold even in the summer up here.

Similar to most artist I know, I don’t like to get overly verbose so I’m going to rap it up here. Reach out to me if like any of my work!

“I hope the time will never come when I shall feel satisfied. To reach the goal of one’s ambitions must be tragic.”